Methodology for Dynamic WEB Pages Assembly

Óscar Mortágua Pereira, Joaquim M. H. Sousa Pinto, António J. Batel Anjo, "Methodology for Dynamic WEB Pages Assembly", Proc. International Conference on Applied Computing, Algarve, Portugal, Nov 2005


Structure, presentation and content are the 3 main blocks in web pages. Although HTML is the main technology for web
pages development, it doesn’t provide mechanisms for a clear separation of these 3 blocks, which would be a great step towards the construction of flexible web pages. If one could define on the fly, which structure, presentation and content to use, web pages would reach their maximum flexibility. With this flexibility, each web page could reach specific goals in terms of users needs, namely, user disabilities ( visual, hearing, motor, cognitive ), user learning profile, etc. Here, it is presented a methodology to achieve the above mentioned goals.


Conference: International Conference on Applied Computing in Algarve, Portugal