Context Transport based on 802.21 MIH protocol

Marcelo Lebre, Daniel Corujo, Diogo Gomes, Rui L. Aguiar, "Context Transport based on 802.21 MIH protocol", Proc. CNRS’2011 - The first Portuguese Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, Coimbra, Portugal, Mar 2011

Tags: Adaptation, Context Management, Context-Awareness, IEEE 802.21, Media Independent Handovers, Mobile Terminal, mobility, Sensor networks


Sensor networks, along with the sensorial output from their nodes, provide an information source to enhance and enrich upper layers mechanisms. The 802.21 MIH protocol provides a cross layer framework that can be extended for sensor information transport. At the same time, it creates an abstraction layer that removes hardware and software specificity from sensor nodes. On a higher level of the network stack, the XMPP protocol also provides an upper layer solution for content syndication on a platform with global access availability. We present a framework which integrates a cross-layer abstraction approach towards sensor devices of different families, while enabling the integration of media-independent sensor information into context consumers with the aim of optimizing network management, as well as application operation and usability. The work presented was also part of the first author’s MsC dissertation.


Conference: CNRS’2011 - The first Portuguese Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks in Coimbra, Portugal