abc-Net: Literacy Tool for Paulo Freire's Method

Óscar Mortágua Pereira, Joaquim M. H. Sousa Pinto, António J. Batel Anjo, Lygia Pereira, "abc-Net: Literacy Tool for Paulo Freire's Method", Proc. International Confernce on e-Society, Avila, Spain, Jul 2004


Paulo Reglus Neves Freire was born in Recife in 1921, the capital of Brazil’s northeast province. Through all his life, he developed the fundamentals of a teaching process with special characteristics. The fundamentals of his ‘system’ point to an educational process that focuses on the student environment. abcNet is a web-based application which seeks the goals of learning how to read and to write, following Paulo Freire’s methodology.


Conference: International Confernce on e-Society in Avila, Spain