An 802.1x-based security architecture for MIP

Rodolphe Marques, Edgar Araújo, André Zúquete, "An 802.1x-based security architecture for MIP", Proc. 2008 EuroNF workshop on wireless and mobility, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct 2008

Tags: 802.11, 802.1X, MIP, mobility, network security


The motivation of this paper is the need forsecurity on Mobile IP (MIP) enabled networks. Nowadays,802.11 networks rely on the 802.1X authentication protocolfor authenticating mobile nodes requiring network access. MIPprotocol could be used to enable those mobile nodes to access anetwork as their home network, without any IP configurations.However, many security issues confer some vulnerabilities forMIP enabled devices (mobility agent and users). Our approachenables MIP agents to get keys for message authenticationpurposes while (de)registering a mobile node in a network andprovide trustworthy information about MIP agents that servefuture roaming networks to mobile nodes. Furthermore, fast andsecure MIP handovers are gracefully handled with a slight changein the MIP protocol. Finally, with our approach we achieve afunctional, integrated security architecture handling both linklayer and network layer mobility.


Conference: 2008 EuroNF workshop on wireless and mobility in Stockholm, Sweden