Cloud Service Broker

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Cloud Service Broker

Start Date:
January of 2012

End Date:
December of 2012

Cloud Computing is the 21st century emerging technology paradigm for delivering hosted services over the Internet, and is undoubtedly affecting the way people interact with IP-enabled products seamlessly. Cloud Computing can be summarized into three keywords: elasticity, on-demand, and fully-managed. These three characteristics massively benefit organizations by reducing both CapEx and OpEx while enabling them to channel their efforts to the strategic business sector.

With Cloud Computing broken down to three major layers (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service), several companies such as Amazon, RackSpace, Google, and Microsoft, expose their cloud solutions publicly in a business-to-client and business-to-business model. With all those companies easily provisioning on-demand cloud services, cloud consumers now face the problem of what provider to opt, with critical decision factors being cost of operation, service availability, and auto-scaling.

This project addresses the aforementioned issue by aiming to develop a Cloud Service Broker capable of easing crucial lifecycle application stages (deployment, management, and monitoring) from developers orchestrating the whole process together with a PaaS Manager and an IaaS Manager. To achieve such goal, the broker should be aware of user application requirements and transparently deploy to the best rated cloud provider based on given premises, being either and ideally a Platform as a Service or if premises are not fulfilled, failing back to an Infrastructure as a Service solution. End user developers will have access to a feature complete Web portal where they can auto-deploy, manage and monitor their appliances. Ultimately the Cloud Service Broker should have intelligence to live migrate SaaS between PaaS and migrate PaaS between IaaS, in such a way that it will self heal from a misbehavior provider or cost cutting by switching-over to a cheaper cloud.

The Cloud Service Broker is a PT Inovação funded project.