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Start Date:
October of 2011

End Date:
May of 2014


The main objective of the project is the development of a platform to support new services in the area of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. It is the purpose of the project to develop a transversal technological platform that support management, control and monitoring of an heterogeneous network of sensors and actuators. And that exports a service layer to third parties willing to develop next generation M2M applications in various areas including Utilities, Transports, Health, Agriculture, Distribution and Consumer Electronics.

The project platform will support from it's start a vast set of M2M Smart Services & Applications such as Smart Metering, Smart Grids, m-Health (remote monitoring of patients), Smart Cities, Smart Home and Smart Buildings according to a Portuguese Government set policy for the deployment of next generation networks.

The Project has the duration of 24 months

The project includes several activities associated with the definition of the technical architecture, specification and development of: (i) modules and software components for the platform; (ii) interfacing the platform with systems and devices from the M2M ecosystem, (iii) applications supported on open API's provided by the platform. Within the scope of this project, is also the specification and development of creation tool for M2M services that allows end-users to design, parameterize and build, in a dynamic way and from elementary building blocks, the Smart Services supported by the platform. Another objective of the project consists of implementing specific components for M2M Smart Services in two distinct activity areas or sectors, in order to demonstrate the solution at the prototype phase.