Advanced Playground & Innovation

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Advanced Playground & Innovation

Start Date:
September of 2011

End Date:
July of 2012

There exists a strong predisposition by the academic community to use API's from most of the Internet Service Providers (Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Facebook, to name a few) in the scope of class projects and assignments, as tools to exemplify the technologies and concepts taught in class. This predisposition is translated not only in the teaching of theoretic concepts, but also through hands-on learning (through experiments and small prototypes) of the said API's. In addition to the pedagogic value of using such API's, their use enables students to practice their creative and entrepreneur skills, which might lead further ahead to the development of new applications and services (prototypes), with potential commercial value.

To the University of Aveiro, it is important to mention the importance of this project in the enrichment of its curriculums, namely in the areas of Networks, Telecommunications and Information Systems, through the creation of hands-on assignments and projects for undergrad students, more complex and using technologies usually vetted from undergrad degree levels.

In this project we have provided both a platform and guidelines for the deployment and development of existing and new services for all the involved partners.

This project is sponsored by Portugal Telecom Inovação and Portugal Telecom Comunicações (SAPO) and is done in collaboration with the Universidade de Aveiro and Prof. Cláudio Teixeira