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Start Date:
May of 2012

End Date:
January of 2013

Problem to address:
Increasing over-utilization of the mobile network. Pursuit of novel connectivity solutions, leveraging the multi-interface capability of mobile terminals

Project contributions:
Analysis, enhancement and deployment of novel connectivity solutions based on standardised approaches from the 3GPP and the Wi-Fi alliance, under a mobile operator perspective. The project will provide solutions where Wi-FI access will be provided as a complementary technology for mobile operators, allowing new scenarios, such as resources balancing and connection optimisation.

Project Description:

With the growth in number of mobile terminals consuming multimedia content and, in parallel, the explosion of complementary WLAN access points (and even WiMAX), mobile operators have been researching offloading mechanisms allowing them to redirect traffic flows into other networks, complementing 3GPP accesses.

The ANDSF (Access Network Discovery and Selection Function) component from Release 8 of the 3GPP specifications, has the objective of standardizing the network actions towards the possibility of connecting to other kinds of access networks, allowed by modern terminals. This components acquires an ever-growing importance, establishing the underlying mechanisms for a flexible network policies implementation over access networks beyond 3GPP, furthering optimization of the network usage.

The ANDSFnet project has the objective of designing and developing a ANDSF component belonging to the Evolved Packet Core framework from 3GPP. Moreover, this component will be integrated with existing connection management applications and mechanisms residing in state-of-the art mobile terminals, enhancing their connectivity decisions with discovery and policy informations from the networks. With this input, mobile terminals will be able to take informed decisions about surrounding networks, complementing their 3G access.

ANDSFnet is a PT Inovação ( funded project.