SMCon - Smart Mobile User Connectivity

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SMCon - Smart Mobile User Connectivity

Start Date:
July of 2013

End Date:
June of 2014

Problem to address:
Beyond-3GPP uptake on Wi-Fi as an offloading technology, in an increasingly densified mobile network. How to leverage concepts, such as Access Network Discovery and Selection Function, as well as other network connectivity enhancement strategies, to further reduce the gap between cellular and un-coordinated wireless technologies.

Project contributions:
The project will follow-up on the 3GPP standardisation panorama on using Wi-Fi as a complementary access technology for mobile networks. It will explore concepts from other Standard Definition Organisations, such as the Wi-Fi Alliance, employing concepts similar and overlapping with the ANDSF, such as HotSpot 2.0. It will provide joint scenarios and deployment considerations on the best leverage of both technologies.

Project description:
SMCon represents a second instance of a joint Innovation Project with
Portugal Telecom S.A., over the subject of Mobile network traffic offloading

The first instance of the collaboration work, in the form of the ANDSFNet
project (held between 2012 and 2013), evolved from the study and
implementation of standardized mechanisms of the Access Network Discovery
and Selection Function, towards the integration and deployment of enhanced
processing and decision capabilities of existing PTIn components.

In the follow-up, SMCon aims at providing an optimized, seamless and
enhanced Internet access, as those are becoming essential in the current
complex network deployment environments that involve various network
policies. Specifically, the projects being conducted are as follows;

i) design of dynamic ANDSF policy rule taking into consideration various
users situations that require Internet connectivity.
ii) data offloading effect investigated through simulation, based on city
model, in various performance and energy perspectives.
iii) the combination and impacts of the ANDSF’s base functionalities with an
extended mechanism further progressed and investigated with Hotspot 2.0 that
enables a secure and automatic Wi-Fi access without the user intervention
and thereby facilitates easier roaming between public Wi-Fi networks,
standardized by the Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0.
iv) a demonstration of the combination effect of ANDSF and HS2.0 over a
wireless testbed.