Evolving Future Internet Clean-Slate Entity Title Architecture with Quality-Oriented Control Plane Extensions

José Castillo-Lema, Felipe Silva, Augusto Neto, Flávio Silva, Pedro Frosi Rosa, Carlos Guimarães, Daniel Corujo, Rui L. Aguiar, "Evolving Future Internet Clean-Slate Entity Title Architecture with Quality-Oriented Control Plane Extensions", Proc. 10th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications, Paris, France, Jul 2014


Due to the technological evolution, growth and various new service demands requiring new solutions to support novel usage scenarios, current Internet has been confronted with new requirements in terms of network mobility, quality and scalability, among others. New Future Internet approaches targeting Information Centric Networking, such as the Entity Title Architecture (ETArch), provide new services and optimiza- tions for these scenarios, using novel mechanisms leveraging the Software Defined Networking (SDN) concept. However, currently ETArch approach is equivalent to the best effort capability of current Internet, which limits achieving reliable communications. In this work, we evolved ETArch with both quality-oriented mobility and resilience functions following the over-provisioning paradigm to achieve advanced network resource allocation inte- grated with OpenFlow. The resulting framework, called Support of Mobile Sessions with High Transport Network Resource Demand (SMART), allows the network to semantically define the quality requirements of each session to drive network Quality of Service control seeking to keep best Quality of Experience. The results of the preliminary performance evaluation of SMART were analyzed using Mininet, showing that it allowed supporting mobile multimedia applications with high transport network resource and quality demand over time, as well as efficiently dealing with both mobility and resilience events.


Conference: 10th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications in Paris, France