Conceção e Projeto de Data Warehouse - Olhar o Futuro do Ensino Básico e Secundário em Portugal

Citation: Mickael Creolo, Óscar Mortágua Pereira, Maribel Yasmina Santos, " Conceção e Projeto de Data Warehouse - Olhar o Futuro do Ensino Básico e Secundário em Portugal", University of Aveiro, MSc Dissertation, Dec 2014



Basic and secondary education are two vital stages in the academic education of the Portuguese population. During these steps the academic performance of students is analyzed to verify how the education has evolved in Portugal. The students’ academic performance is analyzed based on the grades and ‘Pass’ grades percentages. These analysis were considered basic because the components that influence the academic performance of students were not analyzed. Therefore, this work’s aim is to develop a conceptual project of a Data Warehousing system. A multidimensional model is defined in the project and it allows the analysis of the students’ grades or ‘Pass’ grades percentages taking into account several components such as the school, the subjects, the student characteristics and the family context. The project specifies and characterizes the processes of extraction, transformation and load based on the data sources. I obtained the collaboration of two schools that provided the data files, so two data sources were considered, one for each school. The project also specifies how the Data Warehouse is populated with data. The Data Warehouse system was not implemented because the schools only provided example files. The project was planned for a private consulting company that provides services for the associated schools.


Publisher: University of Aveiro