CloudThinking as an Intelligent Infrastructure for Mobile Robotics

Rui L. Aguiar, Diogo Gomes, João Paulo Barraca, Nuno Lau, "CloudThinking as an Intelligent Infrastructure for Mobile Robotics", Wireless Personal Communications, Vol. 76, no. 2, pp. 231-244, Mar 2014

Tags: cloud, robotics


Mobile robotics is a transforming field that presents a varying set of challenges. The discussion on the autonomy of (self-powered) robots is not settled, and as the communication infrastructure evolves, centralized concepts become more attractive over distributed concepts. This paper presents the CloudThinking architecture applied to intelligent cloud-based robotic operation. CloudThinking offloads most of complex robotic tasks to a central cloud, which retrieves inputs from the environment as a whole in order to instruct the robots to perform its actions. CloudThinking is a natural approach to the orchestration of multiple specialized robotic systems, defining the best mechanisms for reaching a goal. Furthermore, this architecture provides a set of automatic features which can be useful for application developers. These features can fully exploit novel cloud tools development as it becomes available, providing a time-resilient infrastructure of easy upgrade. The resulting approach has the potential to create a different set of market for robotic application developers.


Magazine: Wireless Personal Communications

Number: 2

Volume: 76

Page(s): 231-244