Cloud Networking da Próxima Geração

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Cloud Networking da Próxima Geração

Start Date:
January of 2014

End Date:
June of 2016

The concepts of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are two of the hottest Telco topics of the moment. SDN brings new capabilities in terms of network automation, programmability and agility that facilitate the integration with the cloud. NFV envisions accelerating the innovation of networks and services allowing new operational approaches, faster service deployment (shorter time to market), service assurance and security. The combination of NFV and SDN has been widely discussed and the opportunities are plentiful. One of the topics that arise from this combination is Service Function Chaining (SFC).

SFC consists of a set of network services interconnected through the network in a specific order. Traditionally, the establishment and management of SFCs follow a rigid, static and time consuming process. The lack of automatic configuration and customizations capabilities increases its operational complexity. Although this is today a hot topic, the state-of-the-art still does not provide a clear implementation way for SFC.

This projects aims to help evolve the definition of dynamic SFC and develop a solution for a SFC-enabled platform. The overall platform will consist on the development of three layers (Service Plane, Service Function Orchestration Plane and Infrastructure Management Plane), following close the ETSI NFV reference architectural framework. Open-source platforms OpenStack and OpenDaylight will be used for a reference implementation framework.