Broadcasting User Content over Novel Mobile Networks

Sergio Figueiredo, Carlos Guimarães, Rui L. Aguiar, Tien-Thinh Nguyen, Liron Yadin, Nuno Carapeto, Carlos Parada, "Broadcasting User Content over Novel Mobile Networks", Proc. 2013 International Conference on Communications, Budapest, Jun 2013


In the “Youtube Era”, mobile consumption of video
such as Video on Demand (VoD) and User Generated Content
(UGC), has been steadily increasing. However, mobile networks
are showing to be unprepared for such phenomenal traffic
volume, whereas the mobile devices’ multiple interfaces are being
exploited. Thus, the interest in offloading techniques has
significantly increased, not only at access level, but also at IP
layer – boosting the solutions based in Distributed Mobility
Management (DMM) technologies. Managing user’s connections
while taking into account different applications requirements and
multiple interfaces calls for a cross-layer solution, where IEEE
802.21 may take a crucial role.
In this paper, we describe an architecture aimed at
Personal Broadcasting support over mobile networks, using
DMM and 802.21 concepts. We develop two entities, the
Connection Manager and Flow Manager, for managing the
connections throughout all the mobility session for either video
producers or consumers. We implemented a real testbed in which
we collect throughput and packet loss statistics on usage
scenarios. The provided preliminary results show how the
Connection Manager can be used to automatically take
advantage of multiple interfaces and how the Flow Manager can
be used to trigger


Conference: 2013 International Conference on Communications in Budapest